Hi, I'm a Kissme and my bias is Kevin Woo.

U-KISS in Paris ~

If Kevin was your boyfriend for bwstar080


[DL] UKISS for 니팝 (30P)


Download here! 

Omo~ Don’t be sad Eli~ You still have Kevin XD

U-KISS in Russia (cr: http://websta.me/n/vikusha_selezova)

U-KISS and the lucky fan ^^ (cr: )

U-KISS @ restaurant (cr: )

Yay~ Kevin finally has instagram ^^ 

Follow him @ kevin_woo1125

What show is it when u-kiss was going on a Ferris wheel please?

It’s from teatari shidai episode 19. the video on dailymotion is deleted but you can try to watch it on youku

The groupings for the Ferris wheel ride ^^

Elvin + Sooseop + Junhoon

Elvin is so happy~ Eli’s reaction is so funny XD

Poor Kiseop~ he didn’t want to group with Soohyun ><

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